Saturday, November 18, 2006

Who Dares Wins!

Let me forewarn that this is not a critique on AXN’s popular show where Mike Whitney would have us believe that it’s a daring thing to be able to swallow what looked like roosters’ balls in a gulp. This is about the general emphasis on daring that’s laid down time and again as a rather important factor in order to be able to convince yourself that you’ve succeeded in life!

I seem to be able to see life only in two shades.. that of love… or that of business! Now, if you’ve fallen for someone, it takes a lot of daring to go tell them how you feel.. and if you’ve fallen for a concept, you might want to sell yourself in order to see it work, but it would still take a lot of daring to be able to actually go and try it out! Finance taught us that higher the risk, higher the returns.. now was that for a Casino or for a gambling game.. or the game called life.. is stuff for wasted minds to intellectualize. Being just one of those, I thought I’d try to explore, what is it about ‘Daring’ that makes everyone so scared.. and then all the great men have glorified it so much. To me, it seems so casual a thing,

Depending on the situation,

Sometimes, it takes daring to speak truth,
Sometimes to lie!

Sometimes to say something,
Sometimes to say nothing

Sometimes to say that you care
Sometimes to say that you don’t care

Sometimes to pursue a dream,
Sometimes to forego a dream

Sometimes to save a relationship,
Sometimes to let it go

I could go on and on in that direction. Everywhere I see, in everything you do, it seems to be requiring daring.. which goes on to suggest.. that it’s something that should ideally come as naturally to us as breathing ! I mean, if we do not dare, are we really alive? Think of the larger implications of this question.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature..... Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure.” -- Helen Keller

The importance of being a daring adventurer in one's live has been often stressed across the ages and pervading geographical boundaries. So while Helen Keller is daring people into exposing themselves to their worst fears, our comtemporary Paulo Coelho suggests that the people giving in to their personal myth, and not daring to follow their dreams will end up living a superficial and empty life.

More daring coming our way by the most influential of German writers:

"Whatever you can do, or DREAM you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." -Goethe

Fundamentally, all of these notions have found fame because of the intrinsic need for security in any person. Now whether this obsession for security is holding him back from living a complete life is for the individual to decide!

It's upto him to see if he can't afford to fall.. of course, there are situations when you can't go about experimenting because the stakes are too high.. and the pursuit of satisfaction in other dimensions require some compromise of satisfaction in one dimension!

Coming closer home, an Urdu quote says,

Guess, you could try doing something that you think takes courage, and they say you’ll see your fears go away as you push yourself in your pursuit. It could translate into taking up so many of life’s chances that we just let go due to lack of courage.

Walk upto that sweetie who makes your heart skip a beat whenever she passes by.. walk up to you father and tell him if you’ve goofed up bigtime.. look them in the eye and say sorry to the people you might have offended… let a tear or two drop on the shoulders of your best friend and let your heart out!

Dare.. Live!


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Amit said...

Hey Anks!!

Nice Blog man! I amazed to see the comparision b/w love and business.. though i have no exp. abt both of them.. I must say, falling itself is a daring deed...
(thts y i have not fallen 4 either things.. haha..ha)But I like the concept!

One must dare to change the world! with love,