Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Love at First Sight!

Dear Payal,

I wonder if you recall having met me at Sandy's b'day! I know it's weird for you to hear from me because we'd hardly spoken and I'd been too awed to ask for your number though I'd really wanted to! Call it goosebumps or whatever.. but something like that doesn't happen to me normally.. I had to resort to pestering Sandy to help me with your email address...so much as you might find this intrusive.. please don't say anything to him, he's a really close friend.. and got coaxed into it.

To tell you the truth.. you know what I've been doing the whole of last week? sitting in the class.. lost in thought.. with a pencil and notebook.. thinking of what to write to you so you won't dismiss me for yet another stalker! I'm sure you're used to getting those 'hi, i wanna be ur friend' requests all the time! And then.. words only have a limited capacity to prove ingenuity.. what shows it actually is what's between the lines.. and i wonder if I'm gonna be able to say to you what I wanted..

Ok.. enough beating around the bush.. I've had a crush on you since the time I've known you! They told me you had an air about yourself.. a slight attitude! but then this mild arrogance is what i've fallen in love with.. because it masquerades itself only too well behind that gentle smile of yours. Nothing said, nothing heard.. that smile made my day then.. and it's lingering memories continue to do so ! I so wish I could wake up to that smile every morning! Ok, don't be scared.. that's a little too far.. and i might seem like i'm moving too fast.. but the warmth that you exude.. infects people even without you knowing it.. and I seem to have fallen for that!

I've always believed that one meets two kinds of people in life, the first kind.. who come, play their roles and leave.. the other.. they come.. but they never leave! They touch and impact your life in a manner that you can't define in words. You give me the vibes that you're someone who's going to be important for me.. and whom I would really love to be close to!

Honestly.. I don't know if you're the proverbial 'one for me' or me for you.. guess will leave that for time to decide..but I couldn't have waited for another serendipity.. to get me to bump into you again. I just had to do this.. so here's me.. sounding like a crazy maniac.. telling you that i have a mad crush on you.. to put in in a semi-cliched fashion.. perfumes have lost their fragrance.. drinks don't get me high anymore.. alizee has lost her appeal! but I'm intoxicated.. with this madness about you!

Guess you can already see what you're doing to me! I dont' know what I'm talking.. what I'm doing.. but I feel good. I don't know what I expect from you for a response.. but as of now.. my heart beat is going faster than my keystrokes... and I don't think I can be at peace with myself without saying all this out to you.. It doesn't matter what you think about me.. or even if you don't think about me at all. Maybe you could just add another name to your admirers..or if you'd care a little more.. acknowledge that you've seen this mail.. and that you know I exist... and if we could arrange so that I could bump into you again... I'd go mad! (as if I'm not already)

I can see my excitement getting the better of me.. and it seems quite likely that i'm gonna end up making a fool outta myself.. but if you could only imagine what i feel right now.. you'd know that this madness.. was worth it.

before you end up panicking.. i'll stop.

crazily waiting to hear from you!

Ok.. this was another attempt at an expression of the heart in a somewhat different situation Too many people have questioned if Sanjana really exists.. and the only way to prove it to them.. and more importantly to myself.. that I'm not mad about any Sanjana.. I'd thought I'd write to Payal ! And believe it or not, the whole of it was actually created sitting on the front bench of a class.. where ppl might have thought I'd started taking notes for a change!

Lets see if some Payal actually falls for this one!



Sagarika said...

Think it was simplistic and had a certain innocence about it. something very difficult to bring about if one is really not going through the plethora of emotions that was brought about on this piece.
good job.

sagu said...

Hi, i would say any normal Payal will definitely fall for it but i think it lacks the punch which was there in ur previous one to sanjana.
The building up to say the actual stuff was damn cool and neat but it was little bit overdone. But i think considering the fact that you are writing it for the first time to "Payal" makes sense to do sufficinet "beating around the bush thing".
after beating around the bush the building for your actual emotions is awesome and really cool.

would write a detailed analysis sometime soon.