Wednesday, March 07, 2007

An Ode to Melancholy

The title is inspired by a John Keats poem, the painting on the left is titled 'Life's toying with Me' and this ode is basically inspired by a few friends who've been having tough time in life. Somehow, when one thing goes wrong, everything else has to fall apart too at the same time. Wonder if it's incidental for these three people, or it's actually the love stories, or the anguish contained in their failure that makes life a mess for so many of us.

Your work is monotonous and you hate it, all the more in this mood of yours. The social relations seem like a burden to carry on. Everything around seems pale, you don't feel you have the energy to even attempt to look at the brighther side of things. There is a lot that you go through, in terms of the multitude of emotions, just about everyone of us has had his or her moments. Some might, for a moment, even contemplated taking the easy way out, just giving it all up. But that's not the solution, there are people who care for you and for whom you care. and then life doesn't come so cheap!

They live with it, with lost hope but still hoping to see light at the end of the tunnel.. and eventually they do see it. Some, do give up in between, just because they couldn't bear it any longer. The gloom had set in too deeply for them to be able to survive it.

Some show it, some hide it behind a smile.

Some people, as they come out of it, would be afraid of facing anything similar in future and shut themselves up from any encounter to the whole set of experiences. They lose faith in the goodness of life, become cynical or supremely skeptical. They spend their lifetimes managing their vulnerabilities and trying to run away.

There's another set, the one that emerges stronger from this melancholy, with their spirits intact and in fact grown stronger. They learn their lessons in their own hard ways. But now that they've learnt it, they emerge confident of being able to handle similar things, and perhaps bigger ones if they're to challenge them in future.

Here's an ode to Melancholy, that's what makes life complete! A roller coaster wouldn't be fun enough if it all it had were highs!

Its for you to enjoy the fall, having full faith that you'll rise again.