Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OOPS! I did it again!

For the uninitiated, OOPsing is about Opting Out of Placements in the campus. It took two interviews at IITB for me to realize that the jobs are not meant for me.. and i didn't go to the GD for the next company where I was on the shortlist.. Better sense prevailed and I did not register for any more companies!

How much so many of my friends were so puzzled and concerned altogether. CAT results were out.. but there was no certainty of making it to the IIMs as the major part -the interview process was still to go. The cloud of uncertainty about my future was dense, and I decided I'm not going to do a job. So if i don't intend to do one at all.. why bother about keeping a backup and put in the requisite effort then. Why dress up in formals and ties and stand in front of those interviewers who'll judge you for the way you sit.. the way you talk and your PAST?

Anyway.. just about everyone around me had to be explained in great amount of details why I didn't intend to do a job in any situation.. thankfully papa was as careless about a job as I was.. (perhaps even more so). I'd used my plans for the HR training company as a shield.. and an explanation.
All in all, it was a confused time.. lotsa apprehensions about the future! But then, IIMC clicked, and bailed me out of that situation. All my thoughts of doing something crazy going down the drain, I had to get into this B-school! Not that it's not a great place to be!
And now, deja vu! I have decided to opt out of the summers process at the college.. and then owed an explanation to a whole lot of people who wanted to know the WHAT and WHY of it. some amazed.. some shocked.. some dismayed but finally all gave in!
As I put my status message as the title of this blog 'OOPs I did it again'.. almost an instant response buzzed.. the conversation also pretty much explains my reasoning for this... Also, as i put across the conversations I've had with people on this matter.. i get to understand how different people react to my decision.. It came as a surprise to Mikin, a senior at iimc. I'd discussed bits of it with Anupam a batchy here.. and Rohan.. a classmate from IIT didn't have any clue about it... .
Mikin: WTF
u thr
me: yeah
Mikin: what is this OOPS??
me: well.. i oopsed out
Mikin: why?
me: am applying privately
Mikin: why???????????????????????????????????
me: actually most of the companies on campus.. are very unclear about the projects as of now
Mikin: abe yaar
me : maybe educomp or am in touch with a couple of other companies including a manufacturing concern
Mikin: yaar
me: so will work out something
Mikin: hmm
me: the problem is if i take an offer on campus it's binding
Mikin: who all did u talk to before doing this?"
Mikin: hmm
me: hey.. don't worry! it wasn't a momentary decision
Mikin: hmm yeah but stil yar
me: well..
Mikin: i mean i guess u could have got a better exposure in some of the companies atleast
me: maybe i should've informed you as well before hand,
Mikin: nahi the pt is not about informing me
me: i'll find ways to maximize my exposure
Mikin: yaar just wanted to make sure u have made the rigt choice
me: ok.. well.. in that case
trust me
by my full faith , i have
Mikin: hmm i do trust u yaar
me: for my experimentation.. i had to take this call
Mikin: hmm okies
no probs

me: thanks for the concern!
Mikin: hey c'mon yaar
chal then
will catch u in some time
Somehow, the experimentation thing has gotten too much into my head.. and I've been pretty convinced myself that I do not want to get into a job even after MBA.. as in I'm OOPsing even from the Final Placements. Another response to the whole thing.. to my status:

anupam: kya hua ab?
me: ab kyajust signed the proberbial register
anupam: ur status mssg ?
me: this is what i'd done at my previous college - OOPS
anupam: oh! so u not even taking a chance with the mktg firms?
me: it's not about taking a chance yaar, kahi mil gaya to karna pad jaayega
anupam: thats what i meant
me: and i don't want to close my options as yet
anupam: hmm so u keen on that small company?
me: lets see what works out
anupam: i like ur attitude dude!
me: i'm only keen on a broader experience where i know what project i'm doing

anupam: not everyone has the balls for it
me: oh.. well. .as of now it's called balls if it doesn't work out.. it'll be called stupidity :) but life's about experiments after all!

anupam: nothing is an absolute failure dude! u surely wud gain lots from ur exp

me: :)
So this guy things of this as a great daring!
For an old friend.. from IIT.. the deal was somewhat different!
Rohan: kyaa kar raha hai??

Ankur: yeah... am talking to a friend preparing him for his interview
Rohan: oh okk
wahan bhi yehi sab kar raha hai kyaa...
Ankur: haan yar
i've opted out myself :))
and preparing ppl :))
Rohan: saale!!
He wasn't surprised! The conversation went on usual lines! He didn't demand an explanation.. he didnt' try to reason me into taking up the internship! He knows that's how I am!
But then.. the explaining part is much more difficult when it's people you care about.. who do not understand. My mom.. for that matter.. is quite worried and insecure about my future. When I tell her that I do not intend to do a job even after graduation.. all that she manages to say is.. I'm showing the maverick tendencies typical of papa! That's kinda amusing in one way.. but it's come to be a natural way of being for me now! If I can't take a risk now.. having come this far..then who can!
To my sis, it was a relatively simpler deal.. a joke did.. "Apne ko yeh specialist manager nahin banna ki marketing waale ko pata nahi finance mein kya chal rela hai.. apan ko na ek dum fultoos businessman banne ka hai!" (Connotation being the specific and restrictive nature of the projects given by companies coming on campus)
Anyway.. altogether.. it's a game.. and I'd like to play it my way!


kakani said...

that was expected from our dear Fido Dido afterall ;-)

All the best dude!

Ankur said...

hmm... i would agree with "oopsing" out of final placements maybe.. but not summers.. :).. i think u know why..


Ankur said...

hmm.. i am ok with "oopsing" outta the final placement.. not the summers.. i think u know why.. :)


vishnoi said...

hmmm... OOOpsing out.. ur call.. i always interned so taht i could kato lukkha :P and have fun over the summers :) so no fundaes on exposure :D

gaurav said...

Having not known about his previous 'karnamein' I was shocked about him OOPsing out. But as very well said, he atleast has the balls and is ready to listen to his heart.

Well, whatever happens in the summers is a far off thing, but hats off to Ankur for literally working his a$$ off for our summers.

sundeep said...

oops!!! that is typical of gattu..
no wonder he is a maverick
sidey the gulty

kv said...

Loads of wishes to you ..
no doubt a great move ..
junta is getting inspired here.. ;)