Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Funny talks!

Was going through archives looking for something.. happened to look into an old conversation!
made a weirdly funny read!


wanderer : hey..
wanderer : when's your b'day?
wanderer : and what's your sign????
Islander: why ?
wanderer : generally..
wanderer : thinking of putting it on record!
Islander: my sign rite now is 'no entry' !
wanderer : that's your heart's sign
wanderer : may be!
Islander: i was born a day after the great american revolution
Islander: yes
wanderer : and does it work?
wanderer : do ppl ask for the permission i mean..
wanderer : ?
Islander: no, french revolution !
Islander: for what?
wanderer : well.. i was bad with my history lessons as well..
wanderer : so tell me the date will you?
Islander: the heart sign, pple normally dont but then they r thrown out soon !!!
wanderer : that means they manage to enter ;-)
Islander : of course they do !
Islander : but as i said, they r THROWN OUT
wanderer : well.. guess i'd discuss on this one some other day.
Islander : or normally they cant afford the inexhorbitant rents to stay there !!!:D
wanderer : that's provocative..
wanderer : but i'd keep mum right now
wanderer : someone might just decide to buy out the space...
wanderer : forever!!!!
Islander : that will be good for ur mental health !
Islander : i doubt if someone like that exists !
wanderer : you don't need to worry about MY mental helth..
Islander : who is that rich
wanderer : wait till cindrella meets the princecharming..
Islander : and its 'NOT ON SALE'
Islander : nor am i 'Cinderella' !
wanderer : if it can be rented..
wanderer : it can be bought out too..
Islander : only 'RENTED'
Islander: it can be, but only i decide when to sell it
wanderer : well..
wanderer : you won't realize when you've sold it already!
wanderer : in fact..
wanderer : someone might just steal it away ;-)
Islander: I am not letting that happen !
wanderer : you don't let that happen..
wanderer : it doesn't wait for your permission!
Islander: I keep a very strong bodyguard there !
wanderer : oh yeah?
Islander: or rather a 'heartguard'
wanderer : umm...
wanderer : its only an illusion dear!!
Islander: definitely
Islander: cant take risks in matters of the heart !
wanderer : well..i m finding it weird..
wanderer : talking about matters of the heart with someone I hardly know!
Islander: same here !!
wanderer : why so?
wanderer : i asked first!!
Islander: but its more of at a different level
Islander: u know intellectual tete a tete
wanderer : oh..
wanderer : thanks for allowing me entry into the intellectual tete-a-tete..
wanderer : i am usually not qualified for that!
Islander: :-))
Islander: i doubt
wanderer : what?
Islander: :-))
wanderer : what's the doubt i asked!
Islander : chill
Islander : just pulling ur leg !!
wanderer : oh.. its too long.
wanderer : you'd get tired pulling it
wanderer : you seem to be in a rather jolly mood today.
wanderer : something special?
wanderer : just found a renter???
Islander : not really.. too many things at hand.. life's being a little weird!

And then, iit broke off again into the monotonies of boring lives!


Today, having indulged myself in shopping for food..I figured I could happily rechristen myself as the GRUB lord....

Summer time.. pretty much starvation time.. wake up in the morning, unusually early.. only to discover that the mess is no more open.. there's no source of food closer than maddu.. So today I decided to end all my woes. I went to DMart on grub shopping.. and have now pretty much dropped!

once again.. credit card allows me magnificent levels of indulgence..........

groceries worth 500 bucks..since I have sworn that won't get any thinner this summer.. lets see.. if i keep having hte lunches and the dinners.. and additionally also consume the litres of milk and the toasts and grub that i've brought..(which would pretty much make me a Jughead..) I'm sure to put on some weight!

Cheers! with some chilled chocolate milkshake!

lunch.. sleep.. dinner.. more sleep! life's bliss then!


Monday, May 16, 2005

What not to do at IIT!

Hey! wake up!!

Okay, that was a statement from DK Sharma Sir for me in the Class today.

Whatever you do in life man.. never flunk a course at IIT! First, you'll end up tearing your jeans and wearing out your footwear trying to locate the prof. for a summer course.. and then you'd pull your own hair.. and break your own head.... attending the summer classes.. where you can't sleep/do something else.. coz its just ten guys in the class!

Today was the fourth class in Analog summer course. What to do of this wierdly enthusiastic prof. ?? He's gonna take all of those 60 lectures with religious diligence. I don't wanna die a flunker.... though am not too sure I'd survive till the exam for this course happens!

Well, looking at it objectively.. shouldnt' the prof. understand that each of the students in the class are sitting there only so that they woudln't have to stay for another sem.. and can appropriately get senti at their 'own' valfi.. and precisely have no interest in getting really smart at solving the circuits!

He must understand that the input impedance of our minds is too high.. and his output impedance being so low.. there's gonna be only a negligible gain!

Khair.. ab kya kahen!
sir is transmitting it very well.. as my co-prisoners say.. but for me... there's too much of noise.. can't help!


Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Beautiful world! on the LCD..

Having a pocketable digi cam has its advantages... at least you dont' ever
feel that its a kodak moment and then curse yourself for not having a camera..
you can carry this thing around all the time!

More than that, if you're ardently into capturing beautiful moments from the
world and keep your eyes open.. it kinda brings about a change in perspective..
you start to see the more beautiful things in the world. You start to notice the
beauty which existed all the time.. right in front of your eyes.. and you didn't
care to notice!

And then.. its an awesome pleasure to observe the smiling face when you show
them their own pic on the LCD.

I just happened to be sitting on the lakeside around lunchtime today! I usually hate waiting for people... but being on the lakeside.. you'd probably start wanting to not go to the person you're waiting for!

Okay, so I'm just sitting, breathing some fresh air.. and relaxing.. and i lay my eyes on a couple of kids.. no disneyland.. no essel world.. they are happy with this own self created swing!

"aapka photo kheech loon"

Peeche se baccchhon ke father gave them smiling instructions to stay still and not move..It would've spoiled the naturality..(which i'd anyway done by this time) but I asked them to swing again.. and click!

"Aapko dekhna hai apna photo"

-"Dekh dekh.. TV hai.. photu dikhta hai"

and the smile on the faces! definitely worth a lot!

Okay, so the waiting time wasn't over yet.. I came back to my seat.. a garden bench.. and then.. I witness more things..

First, it was a little difficult to go upto them.. and take a front photo.. so I stayed back.. and then I got the call that okay.. the person's arrived... but the shot was not worth missing out. So I walked upto them..went in front.. .knelt down and .......

Here's the luncheon for you..

"aapka photo kheechen to bura to nahin manoge"

I'm an amateur of course.. so before I clicked.. one of the ladies got up to arrange her clothes and all properly..but I asked them to continue eating... It was a special meal today.. they'd brought a piece of some sweet!

And again.. the smiles!

one asked me :'ab yeh kahaan aayega??'

the other said : 'akhbaar mein???'

I'd to be simple.. 'nahin.. website pe daalunga' ... umm.. nahin.. 'computer pe daalunga' hoping that they'd understand!!

And I went on to have my Luncheon... at Gulmohar.. all full with Raita, Salad, Koftas and a Butterscotch for dessert...............

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Credit Cards are Fun!

Having a credit card makes you feel proud! While its sometimes a lot of help.. sometimes its a lot of happy careless spending too!

But hey, don't they say.. Money you enjoy spending is not money wasted! So the celebration of this new found credit card starts with a treat at Mocha! 250 rupees!

Yippiee!! a card can buy fuel... 'fill me worth hundred bucks'
two days later... 'fill me worth hundred bucks'
same week... ' yaar 150 ka daal do'

As if one card wasn't sufficient.. the SBI guy caught me at the petrol pump.. and strongly recommended that i take an SBI Card. Having some more of someone else's money to spend on others.. it got me lured.. After three verification phonecalls, a falsely made up birthdate for myself and a couple of verification visits.. i had no communication from SBI for a couple of weeks.

another two days later.. 'fill me worth hundred bucks', 'Sorry sir.. card machine nahin chal rahi'
OOPS!! 'patodi, got any cash?? ' okay.. fuel it worth thirty bucks'

the first credit card statement was not such a shock.. coz it was only for a period of two weeks!

With this newly found magic wand(the magic card actually), i get pretty instumental in spending someone else's money (here, the bank) on someone else.. (all the people who sweetly request the use of MY credit card, to make payments on THEIR behalves, on THEIR treats.. promising to return me later).

Now, life's a problem all the time when you're dealing with money! I gotta be worried in both situations.. whether people pay up.. or they don't!
If they pay in cash.. I'd end up spending the bank's money on myself! (I don't know how those two thousand flew away)
If they don't pay up.. the money's turning into bad debt.. and I can't even hire recoverers!

So the Prince with a Credit Card becomes a default payer at all the eat outs.. at movies and everywhere a credit card works!

Haven't bought clothes for myself...for quite some time.. lets go shopping..don't have a single rupee in cash.. so what! I hold closely my HSBC Classic Card! Damages..altogether.. 1500 rupees!

Then a friend is in a rough mood... needs to talk.. and I suggest we go out and have something.. okay.. Shera. a couple of mocktails.. a starter.. 350 rupees!

Diggi's gotta buy a ticket.. 2000 rupees.. (by this time, i am smart enough to ask for payment by cheque.. so i won't spend all the cash)

And thus get added miscellanous purchases for 700, 800, 550 rupees.. and so on!

I haven't yet been able to find courage to look up the new statement. Gonna be a difficult thing to handle.. I've finished the cash received from home... I'm overdue on my credit card bills... .and I dont' have any of the money returned by the good guys!

In fact, for want of fuel..I have now parked my scooter at the main gate, where it looks as if its been abandoned for ages... what to do.. can't afford the fuel anymore.

The need for improvement in my cash flows.. made me intercept the cash payment of the bill (means grabbing the bill book in between varun and the waiter) at pizza hut last nite! I happily pocketed all the cash.. and put my credit card.. I know, I'm loading myself further with debt.. but next month is far... and it can be handled! The cash didn't help much.. I had to return it to Neelesh.. He'd paid the fees for my summer course!

And then.. and then.. and then.. I received a letter from SBI! To my utter relief.. it said that my request for a credit card had been declined! Man, I was happy! Couldn't have survived another card yaar!

Hey.. isnt' someone registering for GRE?? Its gonna push the payement of at least 6k by one more month!! please someone appear for GRE.. my card is at your service.. for the registration!! I'm willing to offer one percent discount too!!

A princely credit card holder


Internship Woes

'An undergraduate student is required to undergo an internship of 8 weeks in a recognized institute/organization'-IIT's academic Rules.

As lots of people do, I also waited for just the last desperate moments in order to get started with looking for my internhship. I was going on pretty happy considering that I'd do my internship under my BTP Guide itself.. it would work as a prelude to the BTP.. and keep the guide happy too!

Now, when the guide started giving me assignments..I don't seem to be finding too much interest in all the boring readings he prescribed and thanks to my dept. guide, my eco prof.cum guide is already skeptical about my seriousness about the BTP hence, would offer me the summer internship only if i make 'reasonable progress' in a week! the week that ended yesterday! and progress..yeah. lots of it. except that it was only in dreams.

But the week being over, I needed to meet my guide! So I call him up and get an appointment for the next day. At least this day passes foraging for some bits of interesting information that might be hidden somewhere in the wierd long analyses of European History.. about their colonization and industrial revolution.. too bad.. i'll have to understand all the things that worked for them.. and that didn't work in past.. in order to predict what'll work and what not!

But then.. why go Europe.. i found the investment climate survey for India.. and it seemed pretty interesting to know that bigshots won't open a company in some weird city if they can't get a phone line in two days.. or agar vahaan bijli paani dhang se nahin aata! investment climate you see! you can try to locate quite a few innovative parameters here... like maybe how much bribe is needed to get an officer on inspection return happily..so you could live happily ever after!!

Anyway.. having overloaded my poor brain with a lot of utterly useless information about Europe and some interesting stuff about India.. I gathered the courage to go see my guide!

Hooray.. he's kinda okay with my progress.. and has given me loads of other ideas about readings and library visits.

And then.. and then and then........ Shit happens. a 'Vajrapat' on me.. 'kuthaaraghat' on my poor BTP plan.. and declaration of 'aapatkaal' for searching another internship... outside the insti.. coz my HOD doesn't like us EP guys having even a little bit of peace in our life!
And life stands screwed now!

The freakin summer course.. I can't even fake a certi from Delhi or Udaipur!
But mujhe tension kyon nahin ho rahi hai??

Now, I'm wondering if they're gonna approve a Part time Call Center job as a useful internship!

Any ideas anybody???

Monday, May 09, 2005

Why does one need to eat!

Okay, tomorrow morning is quantum exam and i feel like starting a blog! and i start one, the one of defiant thoughts. ok. consequence? a DD in qmech!

Couldn't be any better anyways.

Ohkay, so in the middle of the exams, I suddenly got enthusiastic to start writing a blog, and now, two weeks after the exams, I haven’t put down an entry! Maybe it’s the regular ‘avoid study’ phenomenon that usually comes to play when exams are right on the head! And now, well, i have the whole of the summers at my disposal, could write just about everything i want to write about!

Summers.. days starting with early mornings! I wouldn't have ever woken up for breakfast during regular days.. and since the day the mess has closed.. I'd typically be cuckooing away the morning hunger.. being up at seemingly unearthly hours!

Okay.. the growls in the stomach play a constant reminder that I can't push the first meal of the day beyond lunch.. while sem ke during, skipping meals was a kids play!
So far the Jain temple is serving me well.. and the mice in the belly are violent enough by the afternoon.. to drive away the laziness.. preparing me for a lovely walk in the sun.. right in the middle of the day!

I should sweat it out in order to get the food.. I wouldn't enjoy it in the full otherwise! So what if the long walk... lot of food.. and long walk back are enough to keep me in the bed for the whole afternoon. I shouldnt' really be blaming the food or the walk for the sleep.. there are other more dominant factors.. which are a different story altogether!

Aren't there some sort of pills/capsules available.. which would eliminate the need of eating regular food! what a bliss it would be! Then.. i actually wouldn't be able to blame the sun and the food for the laziness! no worry.. i'll always find some reason!

Cheers!(only with a bottle of cold water right now)

sleeping away to glory! yearning for some food.. why does someone not come and treat me??