Thursday, November 09, 2006

Of Failing!

The state of affairs at the summer interviews.. and the consequent anxiety.. and the subsequent first introduction to rejection in life for some people!

It indeed is difficult to accept a rejection.. when you've never in your life.. been rejected before.. or failed at anything! That's why I've come to believe.. that one should in the initial life itself.. taste failure.. so you're better prepared to handle it in future.. The habitual winners.. yes.. they did it once again.. they cracked the most coveted Slot Zero.. but has that made them even more vulnerable? coz as they say... 'aadatein agar samay par na badli jaayen.. to zarooratein ban jaati hain'

Of course, I wish them success all through their lives.. but practicality indicates.. that things shall not be rosy all the time.. and then the philosophy that 'you gotta be prepared to lose, if you really want to win' perhaps is supposed to instill more confidence.. as in.. if you're prepared to fail.... you dont' fear the failure anymore... while it might make you careless.. and you might not put in your all.. it might also make you more confident... about handling the challenge.. you lower the stakes on the interview.. and that takes the pressure off your head!

Think about it.... much as the competitively spirited would like to put winning as a habit.. my failures in life, one of them most importantly, have taught me more than all my successes put together!

It's not so bad after all... a lost battle might just leave you with a lot of lessons.. which are necessary to win the WAR..and which the winner of the battles might gloss over! The metaphor i'm using here.... life is a war and it's much more beyond the sum of the several small battles it contains!


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