Friday, November 03, 2006

To B or not to B!

The significane of the 'B' in the title shall become clear as it builds up.

Imagine you're standing on the top of a cliff. If you jump.. there's a chance you might be able to fly or there's a huge possibility that you'll fall like a rock!

You have the option that you can just walk away.. and lead a normal 'walking' life! But then.. you'll never get to know if you are capable of flying!

what would you rather do.. jump.. and hope that you can fly.. or come back and forget about flying for all your life.

I asked someone.. and they said they'll take a parachute and jump.

our fundamental need for security in life?

relate it to love..

relate it to entrepreneurship..

isn't this need for security sometimes a hurdle in living life fully... lot of us.. would probably never get to know that we could fly... we'll be too afraid to give it a shot!

For me.. life's either gotta be an exciting adventure.. or nothing!


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