Thursday, November 09, 2006

Be a Fetcher! Join HDFC

Heavy on logistics.. high on adrenalin.. and for some... high on blood pressure.. the Placement process for summers at the campus seems to me a comprehensive and complicated process.. definitely none that I've seen before, and like an alum from bcg said.. like none that i'll see ever!
Not willing to be a part of it from the regular side.. I decided I'll be a fetcher.. with Hamara Dedicated Fetching Corporation' Let me tell you what all is there.. to give a perspective.
Firstly the Recruitment Coordinators.. called the place reps.. or the RCs
Interveiwing companies, handled by Company Volunteers : The CoVols
The men backstage.. but handling the most important of jobs.. Team Infra.
The Control Guys.. who figure out what's gonna happen for whom!
The Front Desk... home to the dozens of suit clad enthusisastic PGP1s waiting for their turn..
that shall be notified by the control desk to the front desk.
The Trackers, the people who keep track of each the whereabouts of each individual... no.. we're not using GPS systems yet :)
F & B : The Food and Beverages people.. they're the toes.. making sure that everyone's well fed and energetic!
The Fetchers. When the interviewees are required somewhere for an interview.. it's the fetchers' job to fetch them!
so what's the role precisely.. Men on Bikes.. racing around campus.. only too willing to offer lifts to anyone who's got something important to do that day. So.. what did I do here? over 100 km of biking.. over a period of 11 hours.. and that wasn't really the crux of it!
I also played host to different kinds of people! so what it it was a couple of minutes each!
1. People with loads of shortlists.. apprehensive at the start.. going for their first interviews.
2. People cracking their initial interviews itself.. and doomed to tank for the rest of the day! They're a waste of resources I must say!! HDFC as a policy should not take a tanker around. I'll put forth the suggestion :)
3. People finding it difficult to tank.. finding it embarassing.. and ending up with a goofed up tank.. making it to the next rounds!
4. People who had single shortlists... and waited all day long.. coz their turn would come only later in the day.. there was apprehension.. there was nervousness... and there was HOPE.
5. People.. who towards the end of the day.. had given loads of interviews... but their chances didn't seem to be bright.. were somewhat dismayed.. hoping they'd figure in some companies offers.. but they didn't.. and life still had to go on!
6. Occassional rides to the RCs.. coz of course.. max urgencies were there :)
Overall.. it was a 'satisfying' job being a fetcher (it was put thus by that BCG alum). You'd be among the first ones to congratulate the winner.. among the last ones to wish luck to someone whos' going in.. and then.. the pep talker for someone who's day hasn' t been going that great... and cheer them up... which i realized.. is kinda difficult!
So now my palm is paining.... the ass is still ok.. guess I'll fetch today as well.. HDFC shall be strengthened by yesterday's winners though. Lets see how long I can sustain.

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sagu said...

dude, it was entirely an different perspective on placements...and different in a whole lot of ways...and now i know..wht u did when u "OOPsed" out ??
really good one