Thursday, November 02, 2006

A lost wallet..

Realized today that I can't find my wallet.. looked up the whole place.. turned my room upside down but all in vain.

Felt frustrated.. angry.. helpless.. why don't they make some RF chips for wallets.. or some GPRS systems.. so you'll never lose them !

to list whatever's contained in that wallet!

1. 2000 bucks of cash

2. ICICI Debit Card

3. Canara Bank Debit Card

4. HSBC Credit Card

5. Citibank Credit Card

6. IIMC identity card + library card

7. IITB Identity Card + IITB Alum Association I Card

8. My original Driving License

9. A lucky charm that mom gave me when I'd broken my hand in my first year of IIT

10. The 'Hanuman Chalisa' that was in papa's pocket when his body came back from Kailash Mansarovar!

11. The wallet itself was a gifted one, worth over a thousand bucks.

What would be the price of all the above for me? Can it be monetized?

Then when I told a friend about it.. she did express dismay.. but on the bye note.. said 'may you find all that you've lost.. and more' almost instant reaction from me.. 'all that i've lost?'

Bahot kuchh khoya hai life mein! but then.. wasn't the right moment to get philosophising about this.. so chucked it then.

Had to put it down somewhere.. haven't even told ma yet.. par I think she won't say anything.. which is probably worse than her saying something. But what can she say anyway... be more careful next time?

If someone wants the money.. i'm willing to give all that's there in the wallet. .and more of it from my side.. if he returns the wallet.

Have already bribed Big B.. am waiting to see his response!


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