Thursday, September 20, 2007

One Life? mehv III

There’s a funny paradox, or so it seems between the ideas of living your ‘one life’ and the proposed austerity and detachment from the indulgences. To try and see a convergence, I’d say all those qualities spoken of, by the Geeta are actually steps that would make your ‘one life’ more meaningful and enjoyable. According to me, Geeta is misinterpreted and misused to say that ‘karma kiye jaa, fal ki iccha mat kar’. To look for consequences is not the issue, but being obsessed with the results to the extent of going up and down with it is the problem.

And then, someone would say that to begin with, have faith and give it your best, the result shall take care of itself. So is it in contradiction in the result-orientation or focus on results? I’m not sure. I would however say that in your obsession with reaching the destination, if you end up losing the pleasure of the journey, it’s nothing but a waste. Obsession with the result might again cause some myopic decisions, which you would end up regretting later, or maybe not. Perhaps you’ll just go on, achieving a milestone after another, winning a battle after another. Lets hope you don’t lose sight of the beautiful woods that you pass by while you’re counting the milestones.


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