Sunday, September 30, 2007

One Love?

When you’d talk of love, we have been drawing distinction between real love and some sort of infatuation/attraction. They say real love begins when nothing is expected in return. Our theory fits it into the context:

Love can either be a binding force, when it’s driven by the deficit drive, of the lower self. Or instead, it could very well be a liberating force when it’s driven by inner affluence.

I’m trying to see convergence of multiple ideas if they could explain my own behavior. The polyamorous philosophies and a perpetual quest of seeking human bonds could also be construed as a constant pursuit of baser needs. Does love necessarily have to be limited to one person? Or does all love have to be romantic love and loyalty with one person is necessarily violated if someone is affectionate to multiple people. Why should someone be so bothered about ‘sharing affections’ as if there’s a limited quota which would reduce if shared? Is human capacity to love limited? Isn’t that a deficit driven lower self which wants to put a restriction or a curb on the free flow of a strongly positive emotion- to be construed as affection, adoration, or mild love? Can’t love possibly be an infinite resource which wouldn’t diminish if shared. Demand exclusive attention, agreed, it’s limited. But why the need for exclusivity in affection? Why is it a breach of loyalty? Why is it infidelity? Is it necessary that I have to take away some of my love from you to give it to someone else?



~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

Interesting thoughts.. I kinda have an answer to this one..

Its more like jealousy which brings in this whole concept of "Your love being Exclusively for me" !
And its more like, I am privileged to be the one amongst the crowd to share that bond with you.

Its not like, affection towards someone else will be a called as infidel, its more to do with "to what extent is that feeling being shared with someone else".

Shankar said...

OMG, these lines echo my thoughts so closely and so precisely, it is very uncanny! I have been asking these questions to myself for a long time now!

I like to believe in the ideas of infinite love, the inherent goodness of man, karma, and the vast storehouse of compassion and mercy of the world.

I must admit; in spite of strongly feeling that love is infinite in nature, i have in the past demanded undivided attention. I am guilty of feeling jealousy when I did not receive the undivided attention i sought. Of course, in hindsight it was a most foolish thing to do.

Perhaps such emotions are part of our personal growth journey. Maybe it is necessary to feel the jealousy, the envy, and later on, to ponder over those feelings before one evolves.

My thoughts and attitudes towards almost everything, including love and relationships is in a constant state of flux and evolution. At present, the way i feel and think about these things very closely matches this post. I suspect this holds for many other people.