Friday, September 28, 2007

Going High!

There are so many lenses to view oneself through. Each seems fascinating and each throws a new light upon myself and helps me understand in a different way. It’s fun, if nothing else. Once again, each of us holds within himself a ‘Lower Self’ and a ‘Higher Self’. Don’t immediately start associating the low and high with moral/value judgments.

The lower self is more like the functional or apparent one, which, in behavior is manifested as pettiness, meanness, unwillingness to share. Small. It’s driven by a sense of deficit, and a constant need to seek more of everything.

The Higher self, is the real or intrinsic self, surplus inspired and based on inner affluence. It reflects in behavior as dignity, nobility and magnanimity.

The dominance of one of the two selves is reflected in the elegance or grace with which one handles his life. Smitten by the dynamics of the world around and overwhelmed to no end, we often confine ourselves within the ambit of the lower self, considering it to be a natural human tendency. Take a few moments to look within and something starkly different, perhaps much more beautiful will come out – the higher self. Nourish it and it would in turn nourish your body, mind and soul.


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