Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wise or Clever?

It’s perhaps a wise thing to do to draw a distinction between wise decisions and clever decisions.

It’s interesting to note that the simple differentiation between the two can be drawn on the simple bases of their vision, scope and impact. A clever decision is more for the moment/space(read, concerned only about you and now) and the wiser ones are to be long term and wide(everyone’s good, forever). There’s nothing right or wrong about the two decision mechanisms but one needs to think about it every time he’s taking a decision. Both of them require the application of the intellect. My guess is, given our impatient nature and the fast paced life, we commend ourselves and get too happy to take clever decisions because they’re great in pulling us out of any complicated situation and always look rather smart because of their easiness.

On the contrary, the ‘wise decision’ stands the chance of being ridiculed. One, coz it’s difficult to implement and two, it might not find favor with your immediate neighborhood and three, it might have some not too great repercussions in the immediate time and space.


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