Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Desire could be taken as the essence of ‘life’. A being without any desires is as good as dead. But then, in our society we have developed conventions that doesn’t quite treat desire as a positive trait. Often, it’s treated as a euphemistic equivalent of lust. I would say it is a mild form of lust indeed, but it would be unfair to associate a default negative connotation with ‘desire’. If it weren’t for desire, the world would be a different place. What world would have been there anyway, had Adam not given in to ‘desire’.

Inventions, pursuits of wealth creation, desires to make a difference- desires have been at the root of all things material. That would also make desires the root of all evil, as evil is nothing but a subset of all things. But to forego desire would make someone dead. It’s desire that breathes life into an otherwise dead body. A combination of desire with strong mental power has done wonders unexplained by common logic. The austere would perhaps emphasize the role of desire in pushing human mind to the vices. I’d say, one’s fair in pursuing his desires, but not in a blind pursuit.

Man’s slavery to desire has led to a lot of degradation in the present day society. But it’s going to be another man’s desire to make a change, or to not conform, accompanied by his will, that would again rid the world of its vices.


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