Saturday, September 22, 2007

Entrepreneurs Anyone?

We owe it to our society that we become entrepreneurs. Studying at the prestigious IIMs, we dare not, who will? Reasons for not going on the entrepreneurial journey right after college- financial security, networking, experience and exposure are nothing but hogwash, a way of deluding yourself and running away from an invisible ghost of fear. It’s just plain fear and nothing else. Phat ti hai. For the rebellious reasons and others, it becomes all the more imperative for a hot blooded 23 year old that he attempts what others say can’t be done. Might seem stupid and mindless for a start, but well who wants to live a sane life anyway. At least make sure you enjoy the journey while you’re still at it. To feel good, to have fun and to feel satisfied at the end of the day are my key criteria for choosing what I want to do.


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