Saturday, April 15, 2006

From CAT to CAL

someimes I find my confidence bordering on insanity.. when I wrote JEE.. i didn't write any other exams.. when I was into CAT.. I didn't appear for placements.. (it's a different thing that a job wasn't on the cards anyway..) but I sure can be smug talking this way..I'd made a posting sometime in october last year, about The genesis of the CAT success story.. well.. a little overconfident apparently.. but it feels good to look back and say that dude.. I had the balls to make those claims!

and now.. on april 15th.. here I sit.. with an offer letter from IIM Calcutta in my hands! The fears allayed.. the tension resolved...the insecurities subsided.. the question still remaining.. what am I gonna do next.. it would've probably been simpler had i not gotten through! People know me as crazy enough.. and they do ask if I am gonna take it.. while in normal situations.. for someone who's ditched IIT placements.. it would've been a definite obvious!

In fond memories, the entire interview was a pleasing experience... prolly those guys took me in... coz it was apparent that both them and me.. enjoyed hte interview process.. so what with a couple of really dumb jokes! Guess it was this pleasurable experience which made me call up my folks and tell them that if the Cal guys don't take me in.. they're outta their minds.. which rejected the insecurity inserted by ppl who feared that i was being over confident! I mean.. yeah.. it is a little crazy indeed!

anyway.. for the benefit of my own indulgence in self congratulation.. I feel like taking up some of the things that transpired in the interview with the Calcutta guys.. that they got bullied into taking me in.. when the others.. L/I/K simply threw me out! I keep humoring myself saying that only the real 'johari' can identify the 'real diamond'.. bole toh.. L/I/K couldn't appreciate my Godgiri! :-)

Khair.. Mera Jaadu chal gaya!

One interview.. where I quickly wriggled out of explaining about my fatela acads.. one interview which never entered into Current affairs or anything technical for that matter!

One interview where i talked and philosophised about street photography.... and attacked the NGOs blatantly trying to stop child labour.. where i joked about a megaphone being useless on the moon.. because there'd be no audience ( actually there's no air on the moon for the sound to travel) where I spoke about Lord Krishna.. and his mythical trails of HR adventures! Where I spoke the famous RDB dialogue, 'Koi bhi desh perfect nahin hota, use perfect banaana padta hai' , where I glorified the 'chalta hai-nahin chalega' campaign.

And yes.. one place where the entrepreneur in me.. when asked to choose between a high paying US job and a moderate Indian job.. took a third option.. and said he'd ditch the placement process!

Man! I was impressive :-))

ab lag raha hai... ki yeh blog entry results se pehle karni chahiye thi.. kaafi jyaada phantomgiri lagti! but chalta hai! overdose nahin!

Finally.. congratulate me on this success.. though it isn't yet giving me the exalted feeling! Ab to life mein naye confusions start ho gaye hain! lets see where life takes!

and yes.. out of my usual habit of giving fundaes.. what's primary is to be yourself.. you really can't prepare with knowledge for your interviews man! at least for the IIMs. It's your personality that's taking the test.. and not your knowledge!



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