Thursday, April 20, 2006

Everyone's really good at heart??

'Kam padega to maang ke khaa lenge.. par gaddari nahin karenge'

Some morals that would probably be difficult to find in the most well bred and well brought up people.. were to be seen in an auto rikshaw driver.. who took a shortcut to save us time.... harming his own income in the process.

We tend to believe that man is corrupt by nature.. but I get reminded of Anne Frank.. whose personal thoughts were that 'inspite of everything, I still believe that everyone's really good at heart.' Intuitively, I like to believe in the goodness of human beings... in their inner honest nature! Now, they tell me that this illusion shall be destroyed once I leave the cosy confines of my college and step out into the real harsh world.. somehow.. the mind supports it.. but the heart refuses to believe! Guess, some lessons are meant to be learnt the hard way!

My experiences so far.. have somewhat tended to prove otherwise.. when i've closely interacted with the people in question.. there was Mahesh.. a sweeper with PHO.. who'd refused to accept a bakshish for a timely service.. because his service hours were going on.. and he really didn't need to ask for anything extry beyond his salary.. to perform his duty!

Now.. it's amusing to note the ideals of people so low in the so called socio-economic strata.. it would be difficult to be found in high caliber and high status people anywhere..

If only our politicians possessed a small bit of this integrity.. we'd be living in a different place by now!



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