Monday, April 17, 2006

Exaltation Quotient? ZERO

Just the other day.. I was sitting at Pizza Hut with a friend.. and came in a high flying career woman.. flaunting a phoren accent, emanating from an AC luxury car with two male colleagues... discussing some hi-fi things!

I got into thinking... executives... consultants.. the most exalted professionals in the corporate circles.. degree wise.. IIT and IIM are the most awesome things that could spin a dream career for you! And here I am.. having made it all this far! Somehow.. the exaltation wasn't all so apparent.. somehow.. I didn't feel all that exuberant about having made it to IIM Calcutta!

Did it have something to do with my inherent desi-ness which I am all the more proud of.. which would probably feel lost in the middle of phoren accent high fliers?

Or was it the disillusionment.. that coming all this far.. wasn't that big a deal actually.. as it is made out to be! But then.. for the society it still is a big deal! Papa.. typically representing the line of thought of his peer group out there in udaipur.. says people would be more than happy to pay a crore of rupees for a single seat in the IIMs if it is on offer that way!

Should that make me feel happy? Not quite... satisfied? I dunno..

Is this where I belong.. is this what my calling is?

I don't know!

Wish me luck.. in the quest to find my own destiny!



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