Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Genesis of the CAT success story!

I guess it’s time I start penning down my success story with CAT 2005.
This deserves to be blogged!

Ok.. don’t start jumping in your seat, its 5th October today and there’s a month and a half to go for CAT 2005.

My status of preparation is something I am trying to comprehend.. but after having given twelve Mocks.. my score is 47 with some arbit percentile which hasn’t been put up yet!

Thankfully, I have finally managed to get the reading material in Quant and DI.. so won't feel unprepared in either of these in future! I'm always allowed to screw up still.....

Ppl around me, as always are cracking bigtime.. and I seem to get a little or maybe a lot lost in quant and DI though verbal was an easy 30!

Rohit Singh-61.. Ashvit 63.. Vikranth 75.. Jindal 48…

Should I be depressed?

Should I give up the idea of appearing for CAT??

Well.. not yet! Abhi to zindagi baaki padi hai :-)

Cheers! to the next AIMCAT!


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