Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Attitude eh? What does he think of himself!

Yet another batchmate pointed it out that the one thing that he'll probably remember about me.. is the Attitude. And not referring to attitude in a general sense.. calling it the chilled out attitude or something.. THE Attitude

Now, whether to attribute it to the leo inherent in me... or to the way I've come to become.. it's been ages since I've been labeled as the attitude boy! When I was young.. it was my sisters' friends.. who'd perceive that way.. and then whoever meets me... surely manages to get the same first impression! So whether it be my class mates.. or my fresher or later year wing mates.. or the people I bumped into during Mood Indigo.. or the Spic Macay National Convention.... I'm the one with the Attitude! There's gotta be something there!

What is this Attitude and how do I define mine? Is there something right or wrong about it? Do I end up offending people even without realizing it? Do I come across as very impolite? Or do I think too highly of myself? Do I constantly condescend or show people down? Do I live in a superiority complex?

I guess there was time when I was at my arrogant best.. and yes.. then there was perhaps an unconcious condescension that was happening all the time..There was a time when I'd gotten seriously thinking about my attitude as an issue.. when too many people had complained all at the same time.. I'd once asked a friend to point out my weaknesses as she saw them.. and we'd spoken of the attitude as a key issue! Recollecting those times.. she wondered if I still worried about that.. she guessed not.. and she guessed it right!

I believe I've left those times behind.. eventually.. either I toned it down... or people stopped minding it anymore. At least for the people who know me well enough.. the attitude isnt' really that big an issue.... in fact, amusingly, some people.. from some point in time when they absolutely hated it.. and hated me for it.. have now grown into liking it. Maybe I've managed to get them to appreciate the beauty of arrogance.. (Personally I am fascinated to people with an inoffensive and mild arrogance.. but then... it's difficult to know when the mildness line is crossed)

Barring a few valfi time reminders.. which are expected to be a reflection of my predominant tendencies over the past four years.. I believe this tinge of arrogance serves me just fine!

Now if someone is bothered by it.. he's most welcome to say it in my face when I offend him.. and I promise I'd be polite enough to bend down and apologize! I do not enjoy hurting people.. but sometimes.. being too straightforward is a moral crime.. and guess that's what testifies against me.

Sorry folks.. I never really intended to offend anyone.. so Dil pe mat lena yaar!

But then.. if you're bent on taking offence even when I didn't mean it... and not even mentioning it.. then I really can't help it yaar!

Chill... Relax..Take it easy!


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