Tuesday, April 18, 2006

If Everyone loves you, you're Boring!

I'd so loved this philosophy.. when I first read about it ages ago.. but never really thought it would become rather well ingrained in my personality!

and why not.. for someone with an attitude as mine.. this is one line that can justify endless showers of my affection on people who might have expected a more humble behavior from the all so naive me! and am I sorry to them? I guess not!

Thanks to a few cans of beer.. this is now a popular funda.. from Baba 'anks' .. who proclaimed his right to throwing his attitude... on whoever he thought deserved it.. during the so called senti part of his farewell profile

Yes.. I tried that I do not leave any grudges with anyone.. but then in some cases.. it'll probably only have to be forgotten.. Can't help it yaar!

It's like.. you do need some people who hold grudges.. who hate you.. who dislike you.. that's what adds spice to life and that's what makes life interesting! now come on.. don't you agree????

alright.. call me the bad boy or whatever.. but I somehow am pretty much ok.. and rather happy with it!

Ok.. so you wanna hate me too.. sorry yaar.. can't help it!

Relax yaar...Chill!


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