Monday, May 09, 2005

Why does one need to eat!

Okay, tomorrow morning is quantum exam and i feel like starting a blog! and i start one, the one of defiant thoughts. ok. consequence? a DD in qmech!

Couldn't be any better anyways.

Ohkay, so in the middle of the exams, I suddenly got enthusiastic to start writing a blog, and now, two weeks after the exams, I haven’t put down an entry! Maybe it’s the regular ‘avoid study’ phenomenon that usually comes to play when exams are right on the head! And now, well, i have the whole of the summers at my disposal, could write just about everything i want to write about!

Summers.. days starting with early mornings! I wouldn't have ever woken up for breakfast during regular days.. and since the day the mess has closed.. I'd typically be cuckooing away the morning hunger.. being up at seemingly unearthly hours!

Okay.. the growls in the stomach play a constant reminder that I can't push the first meal of the day beyond lunch.. while sem ke during, skipping meals was a kids play!
So far the Jain temple is serving me well.. and the mice in the belly are violent enough by the afternoon.. to drive away the laziness.. preparing me for a lovely walk in the sun.. right in the middle of the day!

I should sweat it out in order to get the food.. I wouldn't enjoy it in the full otherwise! So what if the long walk... lot of food.. and long walk back are enough to keep me in the bed for the whole afternoon. I shouldnt' really be blaming the food or the walk for the sleep.. there are other more dominant factors.. which are a different story altogether!

Aren't there some sort of pills/capsules available.. which would eliminate the need of eating regular food! what a bliss it would be! Then.. i actually wouldn't be able to blame the sun and the food for the laziness! no worry.. i'll always find some reason!

Cheers!(only with a bottle of cold water right now)

sleeping away to glory! yearning for some food.. why does someone not come and treat me??


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