Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Today, having indulged myself in shopping for food..I figured I could happily rechristen myself as the GRUB lord....

Summer time.. pretty much starvation time.. wake up in the morning, unusually early.. only to discover that the mess is no more open.. there's no source of food closer than maddu.. So today I decided to end all my woes. I went to DMart on grub shopping.. and have now pretty much dropped!

once again.. credit card allows me magnificent levels of indulgence..........

groceries worth 500 bucks..since I have sworn that won't get any thinner this summer.. lets see.. if i keep having hte lunches and the dinners.. and additionally also consume the litres of milk and the toasts and grub that i've brought..(which would pretty much make me a Jughead..) I'm sure to put on some weight!

Cheers! with some chilled chocolate milkshake!

lunch.. sleep.. dinner.. more sleep! life's bliss then!


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