Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Credit Cards are Fun!

Having a credit card makes you feel proud! While its sometimes a lot of help.. sometimes its a lot of happy careless spending too!

But hey, don't they say.. Money you enjoy spending is not money wasted! So the celebration of this new found credit card starts with a treat at Mocha! 250 rupees!

Yippiee!! a card can buy fuel... 'fill me worth hundred bucks'
two days later... 'fill me worth hundred bucks'
same week... ' yaar 150 ka daal do'

As if one card wasn't sufficient.. the SBI guy caught me at the petrol pump.. and strongly recommended that i take an SBI Card. Having some more of someone else's money to spend on others.. it got me lured.. After three verification phonecalls, a falsely made up birthdate for myself and a couple of verification visits.. i had no communication from SBI for a couple of weeks.

another two days later.. 'fill me worth hundred bucks', 'Sorry sir.. card machine nahin chal rahi'
OOPS!! 'patodi, got any cash?? ' okay.. fuel it worth thirty bucks'

the first credit card statement was not such a shock.. coz it was only for a period of two weeks!

With this newly found magic wand(the magic card actually), i get pretty instumental in spending someone else's money (here, the bank) on someone else.. (all the people who sweetly request the use of MY credit card, to make payments on THEIR behalves, on THEIR treats.. promising to return me later).

Now, life's a problem all the time when you're dealing with money! I gotta be worried in both situations.. whether people pay up.. or they don't!
If they pay in cash.. I'd end up spending the bank's money on myself! (I don't know how those two thousand flew away)
If they don't pay up.. the money's turning into bad debt.. and I can't even hire recoverers!

So the Prince with a Credit Card becomes a default payer at all the eat outs.. at movies and everywhere a credit card works!

Haven't bought clothes for myself...for quite some time.. lets go shopping..don't have a single rupee in cash.. so what! I hold closely my HSBC Classic Card! Damages..altogether.. 1500 rupees!

Then a friend is in a rough mood... needs to talk.. and I suggest we go out and have something.. okay.. Shera. a couple of mocktails.. a starter.. 350 rupees!

Diggi's gotta buy a ticket.. 2000 rupees.. (by this time, i am smart enough to ask for payment by cheque.. so i won't spend all the cash)

And thus get added miscellanous purchases for 700, 800, 550 rupees.. and so on!

I haven't yet been able to find courage to look up the new statement. Gonna be a difficult thing to handle.. I've finished the cash received from home... I'm overdue on my credit card bills... .and I dont' have any of the money returned by the good guys!

In fact, for want of fuel..I have now parked my scooter at the main gate, where it looks as if its been abandoned for ages... what to do.. can't afford the fuel anymore.

The need for improvement in my cash flows.. made me intercept the cash payment of the bill (means grabbing the bill book in between varun and the waiter) at pizza hut last nite! I happily pocketed all the cash.. and put my credit card.. I know, I'm loading myself further with debt.. but next month is far... and it can be handled! The cash didn't help much.. I had to return it to Neelesh.. He'd paid the fees for my summer course!

And then.. and then.. and then.. I received a letter from SBI! To my utter relief.. it said that my request for a credit card had been declined! Man, I was happy! Couldn't have survived another card yaar!

Hey.. isnt' someone registering for GRE?? Its gonna push the payement of at least 6k by one more month!! please someone appear for GRE.. my card is at your service.. for the registration!! I'm willing to offer one percent discount too!!

A princely credit card holder


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