Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Internship Woes

'An undergraduate student is required to undergo an internship of 8 weeks in a recognized institute/organization'-IIT's academic Rules.

As lots of people do, I also waited for just the last desperate moments in order to get started with looking for my internhship. I was going on pretty happy considering that I'd do my internship under my BTP Guide itself.. it would work as a prelude to the BTP.. and keep the guide happy too!

Now, when the guide started giving me assignments..I don't seem to be finding too much interest in all the boring readings he prescribed and thanks to my dept. guide, my eco prof.cum guide is already skeptical about my seriousness about the BTP hence, would offer me the summer internship only if i make 'reasonable progress' in a week! the week that ended yesterday! and progress..yeah. lots of it. except that it was only in dreams.

But the week being over, I needed to meet my guide! So I call him up and get an appointment for the next day. At least this day passes foraging for some bits of interesting information that might be hidden somewhere in the wierd long analyses of European History.. about their colonization and industrial revolution.. too bad.. i'll have to understand all the things that worked for them.. and that didn't work in past.. in order to predict what'll work and what not!

But then.. why go Europe.. i found the investment climate survey for India.. and it seemed pretty interesting to know that bigshots won't open a company in some weird city if they can't get a phone line in two days.. or agar vahaan bijli paani dhang se nahin aata! investment climate you see! you can try to locate quite a few innovative parameters here... like maybe how much bribe is needed to get an officer on inspection return you could live happily ever after!!

Anyway.. having overloaded my poor brain with a lot of utterly useless information about Europe and some interesting stuff about India.. I gathered the courage to go see my guide!

Hooray.. he's kinda okay with my progress.. and has given me loads of other ideas about readings and library visits.

And then.. and then and then........ Shit happens. a 'Vajrapat' on me.. 'kuthaaraghat' on my poor BTP plan.. and declaration of 'aapatkaal' for searching another internship... outside the insti.. coz my HOD doesn't like us EP guys having even a little bit of peace in our life!
And life stands screwed now!

The freakin summer course.. I can't even fake a certi from Delhi or Udaipur!
But mujhe tension kyon nahin ho rahi hai??

Now, I'm wondering if they're gonna approve a Part time Call Center job as a useful internship!

Any ideas anybody???

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