Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Funny talks!

Was going through archives looking for something.. happened to look into an old conversation!
made a weirdly funny read!


wanderer : hey..
wanderer : when's your b'day?
wanderer : and what's your sign????
Islander: why ?
wanderer : generally..
wanderer : thinking of putting it on record!
Islander: my sign rite now is 'no entry' !
wanderer : that's your heart's sign
wanderer : may be!
Islander: i was born a day after the great american revolution
Islander: yes
wanderer : and does it work?
wanderer : do ppl ask for the permission i mean..
wanderer : ?
Islander: no, french revolution !
Islander: for what?
wanderer : well.. i was bad with my history lessons as well..
wanderer : so tell me the date will you?
Islander: the heart sign, pple normally dont but then they r thrown out soon !!!
wanderer : that means they manage to enter ;-)
Islander : of course they do !
Islander : but as i said, they r THROWN OUT
wanderer : well.. guess i'd discuss on this one some other day.
Islander : or normally they cant afford the inexhorbitant rents to stay there !!!:D
wanderer : that's provocative..
wanderer : but i'd keep mum right now
wanderer : someone might just decide to buy out the space...
wanderer : forever!!!!
Islander : that will be good for ur mental health !
Islander : i doubt if someone like that exists !
wanderer : you don't need to worry about MY mental helth..
Islander : who is that rich
wanderer : wait till cindrella meets the princecharming..
Islander : and its 'NOT ON SALE'
Islander : nor am i 'Cinderella' !
wanderer : if it can be rented..
wanderer : it can be bought out too..
Islander : only 'RENTED'
Islander: it can be, but only i decide when to sell it
wanderer : well..
wanderer : you won't realize when you've sold it already!
wanderer : in fact..
wanderer : someone might just steal it away ;-)
Islander: I am not letting that happen !
wanderer : you don't let that happen..
wanderer : it doesn't wait for your permission!
Islander: I keep a very strong bodyguard there !
wanderer : oh yeah?
Islander: or rather a 'heartguard'
wanderer : umm...
wanderer : its only an illusion dear!!
Islander: definitely
Islander: cant take risks in matters of the heart !
wanderer : well..i m finding it weird..
wanderer : talking about matters of the heart with someone I hardly know!
Islander: same here !!
wanderer : why so?
wanderer : i asked first!!
Islander: but its more of at a different level
Islander: u know intellectual tete a tete
wanderer : oh..
wanderer : thanks for allowing me entry into the intellectual tete-a-tete..
wanderer : i am usually not qualified for that!
Islander: :-))
Islander: i doubt
wanderer : what?
Islander: :-))
wanderer : what's the doubt i asked!
Islander : chill
Islander : just pulling ur leg !!
wanderer : oh.. its too long.
wanderer : you'd get tired pulling it
wanderer : you seem to be in a rather jolly mood today.
wanderer : something special?
wanderer : just found a renter???
Islander : not really.. too many things at hand.. life's being a little weird!

And then, iit broke off again into the monotonies of boring lives!

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