Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Beautiful world! on the LCD..

Having a pocketable digi cam has its advantages... at least you dont' ever
feel that its a kodak moment and then curse yourself for not having a camera..
you can carry this thing around all the time!

More than that, if you're ardently into capturing beautiful moments from the
world and keep your eyes open.. it kinda brings about a change in perspective..
you start to see the more beautiful things in the world. You start to notice the
beauty which existed all the time.. right in front of your eyes.. and you didn't
care to notice!

And then.. its an awesome pleasure to observe the smiling face when you show
them their own pic on the LCD.

I just happened to be sitting on the lakeside around lunchtime today! I usually hate waiting for people... but being on the lakeside.. you'd probably start wanting to not go to the person you're waiting for!

Okay, so I'm just sitting, breathing some fresh air.. and relaxing.. and i lay my eyes on a couple of kids.. no disneyland.. no essel world.. they are happy with this own self created swing!

"aapka photo kheech loon"

Peeche se baccchhon ke father gave them smiling instructions to stay still and not move..It would've spoiled the naturality..(which i'd anyway done by this time) but I asked them to swing again.. and click!

"Aapko dekhna hai apna photo"

-"Dekh dekh.. TV hai.. photu dikhta hai"

and the smile on the faces! definitely worth a lot!

Okay, so the waiting time wasn't over yet.. I came back to my seat.. a garden bench.. and then.. I witness more things..

First, it was a little difficult to go upto them.. and take a front photo.. so I stayed back.. and then I got the call that okay.. the person's arrived... but the shot was not worth missing out. So I walked upto them..went in front.. .knelt down and .......

Here's the luncheon for you..

"aapka photo kheechen to bura to nahin manoge"

I'm an amateur of course.. so before I clicked.. one of the ladies got up to arrange her clothes and all properly..but I asked them to continue eating... It was a special meal today.. they'd brought a piece of some sweet!

And again.. the smiles!

one asked me :'ab yeh kahaan aayega??'

the other said : 'akhbaar mein???'

I'd to be simple.. 'nahin.. website pe daalunga' ... umm.. nahin.. 'computer pe daalunga' hoping that they'd understand!!

And I went on to have my Luncheon... at Gulmohar.. all full with Raita, Salad, Koftas and a Butterscotch for dessert...............

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