Monday, May 16, 2005

What not to do at IIT!

Hey! wake up!!

Okay, that was a statement from DK Sharma Sir for me in the Class today.

Whatever you do in life man.. never flunk a course at IIT! First, you'll end up tearing your jeans and wearing out your footwear trying to locate the prof. for a summer course.. and then you'd pull your own hair.. and break your own head.... attending the summer classes.. where you can't sleep/do something else.. coz its just ten guys in the class!

Today was the fourth class in Analog summer course. What to do of this wierdly enthusiastic prof. ?? He's gonna take all of those 60 lectures with religious diligence. I don't wanna die a flunker.... though am not too sure I'd survive till the exam for this course happens!

Well, looking at it objectively.. shouldnt' the prof. understand that each of the students in the class are sitting there only so that they woudln't have to stay for another sem.. and can appropriately get senti at their 'own' valfi.. and precisely have no interest in getting really smart at solving the circuits!

He must understand that the input impedance of our minds is too high.. and his output impedance being so low.. there's gonna be only a negligible gain!

Khair.. ab kya kahen!
sir is transmitting it very well.. as my co-prisoners say.. but for me... there's too much of noise.. can't help!


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