Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Shairana Mizaz..

Pagalon ki mehfil mein aaj apna bhi shumar ho gaya,
kadradan to kab se the, apni hi shayri se deedar ho gaya

Bas ek khayaal-e-dil jo umangon ki saugaat le aata tha
meri pal bhar ki muskan ko rokne waala pehredar ho gaya..

Urdu Shairis- My newfound obsession. Somehow, the language is so beautiful, it just weaves itself together in your head. Of course, I'm only an amateur and no claims about how good or bad my work is. Most people, are appreciative, but that seems to be stemming more from anything in Urdu looking good, than the composition or the meaning.

Was just writing something somewhere, in a weird state of mind, 'Feels weird to know that I don't know what I'm feeling'. Liked the line a bit and well, put it on my status message. And well, thus was born a new era of shairi!

The first step, Rohan sends me an urdu version of the same thought :

ajab ehsaas hai is begaane haal ka
ki koi hume bataein yeh illat-e-qalb ki aarzoo kya hai

Ah well, doesn't immediately become completely understood, but looks nice, and the Urdu is perfectly beautiful!

Apni izzat rakhne ke liye, I looked up the urdu dictionary on the web to find out the precise meanings of the words.. and the only complicated word here is :

Illat : fault/defect/bad habit/illness/pretext/basis

Qalb :heart/mind/soul/intellect/marrow/pith

That one landing on the urdu dictionary, and the pages are still open in front of me. And here goes a khanabadosh ilhabadi!

qisse lakh kah le ham aazaad panchhi ki udaaan ke,
qabzah to aaj bhi dil pe us qaatil ka hi hai!

For the uninitiated - A thousand claims I might make of the flight of the free bird, the heart remains caged with the adversary..

Haatim-e-mohabbat to ham bhi bane firte the,
jab talak ek haadse ne zindadili ko dafn kar diya

Being a generous lover, I'd throw my heard around till an accident buried that lightheartedness.

And well, thanks to this flow of thoughts, a friend responded, with inspiration :

ye chala zor kambakhat ishq ka ki aashiq ko shayar bana diya!

aur phir shuru hua hai ek silsila,

rohan's next status,

ke saare jahan mein razm ho rahi hai,
daawedar tazposhi ke kiska wahm-e-waali hai

razm - battle/war
wahm-e-waalee - the ruler of one's fantasies

- The world is fighting a battle of superiorities of fantasies... I don't know.. the translation into english ruins it...

Aaj is account ka original naam saamne aaya hai,


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logicark said...

qisse lakh kah le ham aazaad panchhi ki udaaan ke,
qabzah to aaj bhi dil pe us qaatil ka hi hai!

wah wah

hey, btw, do u know me? u r there in my google reader, but kudos to ur anonymity and my reluctance to set forward on an internet search, i am unable to place u. Now, i am not asking who u r, if u dont want to de-anonymise (is that even a word?)...just whether we know each other or not.