Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Games People Play!

Given my usual tendencies, this could've been a discourse on Eric Berne's theories on transactional analysis, but for a while i've decided to 'play' light.. some other games.. that are as indulging.. and a lot more fun!

Thanks to the fourth term exams and project submissions, the best indulgence one could think of at such times, beyond endless mail checks and orkut scraps.. something that can keep you engaged all the time you want..

Felt nostalgic.. back to the earlier days.. with Road Fighter and Galaxia.. a friend got me all those games - contra, mario, islander and bomberman.. and well, let me assure you, this is the current rage in the premeir b school :)

For the more intellectually inclined, Scrabulous on facebook is a fabulous thing.. i'm totally in love with it! the last game.. my first one.. i won.. and the final board looked like this...

Try it sometime.. for a couch potato like me.. if osmeone asks me the favorite game.. i'm probably gonna name some of these.. (though i'm equally pathetic at these games too)


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