Friday, August 03, 2007

The Complexities of love!

Philosopher : iska matlab kyaa hai

m feeling very bad now…….thatz y went offline….i m left with no words to explain u wat I feel for u ……I know there is some reason bcoz of which u r disturbed……I will definitely come but try n understand me……u will always b my friend…no matter what u say n think abt me …”


kyaa matlab hai iska?

Wanderer: ok, who's this, for whom?



Wanderer : Ok, so what's going on?

bologe? this can't be from a guy

Philosopher :
arey mere friend ko aaya hai yeh, ek ladki se obviously, what does it mean, does she think he is going to propose to her? or is she going to do it ???

: hang on, then lemme read it again

Philosopher : telll me, tell me, okk, very badly framed sentences

: ok she thinks he likes her

Philosopher : i obvi wont go out with a girl who frames her sentences so badly

Wanderer: but there's some mess going on

so well she thinks he's afraid of saying it

or something

Philosopher : does she like him?

Wanderer: she won't say an immediate yes to a proposal

but she does value him as a friend

so well if he does like her

Philosopher : does this happen in real life!

Wanderer: kya fart hai, what's wrong with it?

Philosopher : i have no idea thats why asking u

arey that girl was supposed to go to del...she works in bangalore

Wanderer: ok..

Philosopher : supposed to come this weekend

Wanderer: and is that guy you?

Philosopher : nahi rey idiot i am in blore only, why wud she goto del

Wanderer: you're quite likely to be using a friends' name for this

Philosopher : naah trust me, wont get into any mess like this, aur tere se kyun chupaonga bey

kuch bhi, toh she isnt going this weekend

Philosopher : and she sent this mail to him

Wanderer: ok..

Philosopher : and our man immediately booked a ticket and is flying to chennai to clear the mess up apparently... and he was asking me for advice


Wanderer: so you in turn got to me… ask him if he really likes her

Philosopher : i cudnt understand where the mess was or rather is.. no idea if he likes likes her

Wanderer: that's the key

Philosopher : he likes her thats all i know

Wanderer: they can go on being friends but well will lead into further mess if they don't clarify

Philosopher : but what s so urgent that he had to leave for chennai right away?

Wanderer: the fact that he's flying to Chennai immediately says a lot

Philosopher : whats the deal? whats transpiring?

Wanderer: something's happening they just need to catch up and clarify

lotsa emotions building up

Philosopher : i m left with no words to explain u wat I feel for u”

Wanderer: bole toh?

Philosopher : what does this mean?

Wanderer: think that someone said that to you…

if they love you, they can SAY that, if they are friends with you.. they can SAY that

but it's something different, something in between, they feel something strong

Philosopher : hahaha

Wanderer: but not really in love yet

Philosopher : soo bloody complex

Wanderer: ok, i like this chat, i wanna publish this, so find yourself a nick, the cities shall be changed to protect identities



whoever said.. yeh ishq nahin aasaan...

my salute :)


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