Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Game Over!

Quite literally, the Management Game in my life is over! Call it the last exam of the course called Management Game' or the end of the entire MBA, that was nothing less (or more?) than a game.

Was an adventurous snake and ladder, where some ladders took me sky high, and some snakes bit me to below the ground. Got all the digits from 1 to 6 (grades c+ to a+) and perhaps with a swollen body with some last moment snakebites, I've managed to reach the 100!

Or was it a Ludo, with an competition, homing into Day Zero? I was a bystander then.. the kid who's told to hold the pieces or throw dices for elders, to amuse him, while he doesn't really play the game.

Or was it the board game of 'Business' where everyone was trying to capture as many stations, building fortes and hoping to be able to seek rents? Not the most suitable description..

Chess? who versus whom? System versus Me? My Destiny versus Me? Nah..

Scrabble? You've got something that you're trying to make use of, trying to fit it onto the board that lies in front of you. Frustrating at times, delighting at some others. There's so much that's 'given', with limited variables in your hand, to play with. You gotta make the most of what you have!

Or was it minesweeper? Lose concentration for a minute, one wrong click and you've blown it!

I don't play the AOEs and Ceasers, else would've been able to draw some analogy there..

One game is over, and the even more dangerous one is about to begin! This was perhaps a trainer, or a incubation period for competing in the big bad world out there!

Can I take a quick refreshing nap? NO. Time to GO!

Wish me luck guys, though I'm sure I'll play with life more than life toys around with me.



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~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

here is my lil note of luck... :)
give it your best shot.. the real life callin u now..