Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dancing with Three Left Feet

Had just mentioned in a mail to a friend that I'd returned from a attending a couple of weddings, in non-urban places, more like small towns.. her response,

"attending weddings seems a fun thing to do... u wud get to see all sorts of customs sply in places other dan the metropolitan cities.... u'll meet alot of funny ppl who wud look hilarious while dancing to the tunes by some local dj wid a glass of whisky... ;-)

Call it blushing or embarrassment, I was imagining myself dancing, albeit without the whiskey. Though a self proclaimed person with 'three left feet' (ones with two still have hope), I ended up being drawn into the situation, thanks partly to my age and general enthu levels! There must be someone, either on the dance floor, or lurking somewhere else, who'd be counting me as one of the 'funny people who look hilarious while dancing' !

And so I thought, rather than feeling like a dork, let me learn a thing or two. Salsa is the popular buzzword, with an empty pocket and no partner, I resorted to the internet for a tutorial... and here's what came up!

While it still remains that good guy dancers are likely to get the better of the girl partners, needless to say, after watching this one, the momentary enthu took a backseat!


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