Saturday, August 27, 2005

Wanna be APJ?? Nah.. he doesn't have a life yaar!

One of my CAT classes.. some lessons in English!

Some fundaes from this teacher of ours..a 30 or so guy.. who seems to be a rather regular smoker and was visibly (intentionally at times ) naughty.. (or i should say kinky)

NO! I wouldn't want to judge him.. as I might be accused of having a prejudice.

One of his friends was a part of the DRDO.. and he started off with telling us about the guys at DRDO! (who incidentally are the leading defence scientists of the country)

APJ... This guy didn't marry.. he doesn't drink.. he doesn't watch movies... all the dinners and parties he went to were full of ppl only like him! No fun!

These people dont' have a life yaar! (This was almost with a gleam in his eyes)

Then he was back to the present, 'So guys, I'm warning you! Write your CAT well.. or you shall have to go to DRDO'

(making it almost seem like it's the cellular jail in the Andamans)

That's a nightmare yaar.. DRDO's way too scary.

I'd rather write the CAT well!


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