Friday, August 19, 2005

Sharing this load!

Tiffin time at mess.

I'd gotten to the table with a plate of something that's something like a sabudaane ki khichdi... at least that's what the mess workers have named it for all official purposes.

Its not one of the things I like a lot.. and more so .. with the way it was made.. anybody who even loved it.. would leave the thoughts of eating it ever again.

A friend sitting on the same table as me.. was finding it difficult to eat a third spoon from the plateful that he'd brought of the thing for himself.

The guy next to him had somehow just managed to finish what he'd brought.

Now this friend of mine had an earnest request!

'Oye, aadha tu fenk, aadha main fekta hoon'

and he poured half of his plate's contents (which was almost as much as he'd brought) into the other guy's plate.

Both of them conveniently went on to discard the meal!

I found it difficult to figure out what the reason for this shared wastage was?

An attempt to rid oneself of the guilt of throwing a whole lot of food away or making sure you're not causing any eyebrows being raised??

At over twenty years of age, we can't seem to figure out how hungry we are.
Over a couple of years eating at the mess, we still don't know how good or bad which dish is...

We're THE brightest heads of the nation!

The IITians!

A standing ovation!


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