Monday, August 29, 2005

The Baap ka paisa gone further


Much to my suprise.. the response to that attempt at deducting 25 bucks from ppl's mess accounts created more furor than just an aspersion on the notice board!

There was vehement opposition from several section on the process resorted to! Donation is a voluntary process and this is like an imposition!!

Ppl relented.. and now they've put a guy at the mess door, asking everyone to sign their names against the list.. putting down the amount they would like to donate!

I did debate from the side of the collectors saying that the default 25 bucks counted in the complacent don't cares who wouldn't mind giving 25 bucks... but probably won't take hte pain of coming forth and giving it!

anyway.. hopefully they would be able to collect as much!

I signed for 50 bucks!


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