Monday, August 22, 2005

Conservationism? TABOOOO!!

Some ppl around me by now have gotten tired of my persistent attempts at teaching them conservationism!

Another fine morning, in the bathroom.. i was brushing my teeth! right next to me was this great friend of mine.. He was attempting to clean his eyes... in a way which required him to touch the running water one every ten seconds and wipe his eye with the wet finger!

I somehow can't resist the temptation of turning off running taps.. as seeing water being wasted creates unrest in my mind!!

So instinctively, I turned his tap off too!
Almost before i'd give him any conservation fundaes! He almost mockingly shouted : 'Aye, ab tu fatte mat maar'

Somewhat angered, I shouted back, 'Isiliye, tumhaare jaise kutte germany mein jyaada acchhe hain.. ' and some words urging him to leave India..

All this sudden new found nationalism? I can probably not handle it!

But it's putting off to see one of the brightest and great hearted ppl i know behave so unreasonably and refusing to relent either!

Never mind.. much to their chagrin, I still keep turning my neighbor brusher's taps off!

Cheers! (on a glass of water??????)


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