Saturday, October 06, 2007

Aggressive Networking?

Behavioral sciences often throw interesting insights to human behavior. While one person might be too shy to say the first hello, the other person would perceive him as a snob and make an impression of him, without having said the first hello. Attempts at networking at a dinner go a lot haywire when there’s too many students chasing too few speakers. Typically, you’ll be surrounded by random other people, constantly attempting to hijack the conversation, sometimes, just for the sake of making a conversation and in the process of courteously sticking around, you end up looking like the one climbing up the speaker’s nose. Now how do you make a sensible conversation in the middle of the thing, without being perceived as a nosy bloke, is your challenge.

Is there courtesy to it, or humility or should you showcase your aggression without being offending. What if it becomes impossible to not offend? What if someone just gets on your nerves altogether?

Take it easy, get out of the situation and get in again. The speaker shall also know who’s the sensible one around.


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