Friday, September 23, 2005

'Food Fighters'

No, I’m not gonna ramble about the poverty and disaster striken people fighting over food.

It’s not about the children in village schools who have to fight for their mid day meals.

It’s not about the ngos fighting for providing food to the incapacitated or the others that are fighting against genetic modification of food items!

and I'm not gonna brood that mess mein khaana fight hai!

I suddenly realize that food has always been a matter of fights!

Somehow, our English teacher missed a preposition which can be placed between fight and food!

I know you can’t guess it. It’s so innovative after all!

Fight ‘with’ food !

How about I splash your face with a katori of dal and you revert back with twice the quantity of Rajma and in the process we intentionally attack some uninitiated bystanders.. who, wallowing in this new found amusement.. escalate it to a full fledged food fight, much as we originally desired!

Doesn’t that sound like great fun? I can already imagine the picture.. loads of rice, rajma, and whatever be the menu, splattered all over the mess and all over people as well.

Done.. tonight at dinner table.

But _______________________

Don’t you remind me of the ‘sanskruti’ that we should respect food and all that!

And the stories of the children dying of hunger in some sick village in UP? It’s all crap!

Come on yaar.. how can you be such a spoilsport?

Ok the first person narrative ends here!

Sould I expect a better response while trying to deter the protagonists of this war from their devious ideas of fun?

Should we enact POTA in the hostel?

In times as these.. is this thought criminal enough?

Should I give the deterrence a thought?

Can I?

I don’t know! I don’t know anything. Am not sure if it’s gonna amuse me. I don’t think I’d like to be an eyewitness either!

Comfortably numb ?

Not yet :-(


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