Thursday, October 06, 2005

Just Another day!

I was supposed to finish up the geometry BRM yesterday.. which i conveniently postponed for another day.. and oh so suddenly, i realize that the last fifty pages are answers and solutions.. so i'm pretty much done already!!
such things really make for great pleasant surprises!

Just yesterday, I was in the middle of some chapter.. and had to attend my guide's talk on 'Dumping and its consequences, policies et al..' i'd told him I was most likely to attend.. (you don't refuse your guide straightaway ever.. do you)

Come evening and I'm told that the guys at Teach-me are gonna be a little short of volunteers.. and asked if I could fill in. With geometry filling my mind to the brim.. and the guide's talk on the cards.. i had to decline!

Ten mins later.. I realize that I'm not all that interested in dumping.. and that I'd had too much of geometry for the afternoon.. so I should go out and do some teaching! Here I go.. on another teaching rampage :-)

The task this time is much difficult, though seemingly simpler as I have to teach maths to two 4th and 5th class kids! But then.. the books are in marathi.. and the numericals are all in hindi... so though with some effort, I could make out the numbers.. it became too daunting to figure out what was being asked.. addition? subtraction? greater than less than? WHAT?????

Somehow got to understand what those kids already knew.. then got one of them into writing tables.. as many of them as he knew. The other one.. couldn't stop smiling all the time!! Ok.. what do i teach him?? I don't know what he knows. and he doesn't tell me what he doesn't know so I could teach him.. HELP!!!!

So, I took his notes copy.. found out a hindi poem, made him read it..asking him to get fluent with it.. and practice it.. till he got better..

He only improved a little..but at the same time.. while teaching the tables to the other guy..I ended up speaking tables in marathi!! Interestingly, that kid mugged up tables of 7 and 8 in less than 20 mins altogether..

I wondered if he could help me with learning 14 and 17 tables?

Not too early but not so late either.. I had to go to my usual obsession.. how would they introduce themselves and all that..

So that was 'Amit' and 'Akshay' for you!

On my front, I read the promotional prologue of Chetan Bhagat's new book.. something that's got more to do with the lives of youth at large..

How much I want to write a book myself.. and that dream of finishing it before I graduate.. unlikely it seems.. too many things at hand!

So till I get to write a book.. guess I gotta indulge myself with these blogs themselves!

jaane kya dhoondhta hai yeh mera dil.........

wandering mind.. wandering soul..

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