Saturday, March 01, 2008

India 2

In a discussion with an Indian student studying at Waterloo in Canada, the problem with India was turning out to be the lack of innovation and IP creation in the echelons of knowledge.

The Infosys and the Wipros may be doing phenomenal employment generation but are essentially service companies, (I'd admit, it's an unqualified statement I'm making, based on hearsay, and basic reasoning), we agreed that there wasn't enough product innovation happening, or the creation of intellectual property that would be world class!

But then, there was another thought too, that in this piece of land, there are two Indias, India 1 may be service and outsourcing, which is shining, but behind the glema, there's an India Two, only waiting to shine :). It will shine, the day it won't take a 'Discovery' for indians to discover and acknowledge it!


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