Sunday, March 02, 2008

Facebook Apps

They started as a pain, with a hundred odd pending invites that had to be 'ignored' individually, but now it seems amusing, the kind of questions they ask.

The latest new one I've got,

What movie is your lovelife like?

Finding it really hard to find a bollywood movie without a love life.. they always have a love story esconsed in whatever exotic setting be created.. the war of lakshya or the revolution of Rang De Basanti. So if someone were to have a lovelife in the first place, it wouldn't be too difficult to find a movie that maps to it!

Shit man. it was really hard to find an answer to this one! Will have to move over to Hollywood, will post if I can think of a real single movie!

for the sake of consolations, I can say that I can relate to every movie, only that I'm not the hero, but a bystander, who just happened to be captured on the camera. Or maybe with the love lives of ppl around me, I'm the Hero's friend. or the Heroine's. Bheed mein gumnaam sa khada hua...


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