Saturday, June 16, 2007

Of the Head and the Heart - II

continuing from the previous post... of the Head Vs. Heart

Head: you’ll never give up.. would you?

Heart: not before you do!

Head: Alright then, go on waiting for her. She’d probably be shopping for last minute things for the long trip. Oblivious to the fact that you’re waiting here.

Heart: Don’t you try to test my patience. I have loads of it. Yes, its tested time and again but well.. I have loads of it. The appetite for love also comes with a storage of patience. You can’t do an unfair trade and be a gainer all the time.

Head: oh yeah.. lets listen to the gyan and theories of the mighty heart!

Heart: Will you stop nagging me? I mean come on! The day I decide to take over, you’ll amount to nothing!

Head: yeah, you might crush me aside and take control and do as you please. Lets see who sticks with you after that!

Heart: Its not like that. I have enough qualities to make someone value me and stick with me, perhaps forever. And then I’m not gonna let you meddle with my affairs.

Head: And we shall wait till eternity for that someone special to come!

Heart: it’ll not be eternity. I’m real, and I have faith in myself.

Head: to hell with your faith. You’ll get stuck on women that have funny sides… trust me. All women do.

Heart: So what if they have funny sides.. don’t I also have YOU??

Head: You’re actually taunting my intellectual capabilities?

Heart: Yeps, you’ve messed in my matters more than necessary and its You that’s responsible for screwing up matters for me!

Head: Wonderful, so now you have found a way to rid yourself of the blame for whatever’s going wrong with the world.

Heart: EVERYthing that goes wrong in the world, is YOUR fault.

Head: So now you’re gonna act all girly and blame it on me eh? Did you actually learn that from one of your lady loves?

Heart: :P I mean it. If it were only left to the heart, the love would’ve been purer, bereft of the reasonability that you keep demanding all the time.

Head: Awe come on, you don’t want to be the traditional lover, not giving enough space to the other person.

Heart: She can have all the space she wants. I only have issues with a few things and she shouldn’t really mind it. I’m not demanding too much am I?

Head: Yeah right, you’ll go on to start telling her what she should wear and what she should not wear, whom she should socialize with and whom she should not, what she should talk to someone and what she shouldn’t.. you’d decide for her what she should do and overload her with all your mighty and lofty ideas… bore her to death.. make her feel claustrophobic and make her want to run away! Thank me that I stopped you from being your real stupid, orthodox and traditional self, else what’s happening today would’ve happened long ago.

Heart: THAT’S exactly why you’re to blame. Had it happened long ago, we would’ve seen real reasons. We would have parted ways long ago and things wouldn’t have reached this far.

Head: You do agree that things were meant to reach all this far, but somehow they did.

Heart: I don’t know! Maybe…

To be continued..


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