Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Main, meri Hindi aur Budget!

It all started with the notice by the External Relations secretary that CNN IBN was interested in coming to campus to interview some students about their expectations with the budget.

Ok, full enthu, I sent in the expression of Interest!

Now, the programme is going to be a live telecast and to be shot today evening at 8:30. Since the morning, I'm having a slightly problematic time figuring out not what I'm going to say... but how i'm going to say it!

No retakes allowed and the programme is in Hindi!

arthaat, budget se junta ki ummeedon ka sawaal hai! FBT par khaas nazar daalne par samajh aata hai ki is kshetra mein aur pardarshita ki zaroorat hai. Shiksha aur Swasthya par vishesh........

gosh.. and i'm going crazy figuing out the hindi translations of the word like attention, particularly and all of that!

Made me wonder about all the so called pride in the mother tongue, the debate on the several online groups about the decreasing usage and thus respect in the colloquial conversations. I used to think that its not going to be so difficult to speak a few sentences in hindi, but now that i try to put my opinion on the budget over here, its' requiring me to translate my thoughts in english to hindi and map them with the appropriate words, before I utter them!

But then again, does it make me any less proud as an Indian? More insulting is the usage of the word 'hindi' in the the country colloquia to indicate a 'chop' or an 'insult' or an 'embarrassment'. I might make a fool of myself, but hindi ki hindi nahin karoonga!

Ok..confusion! arthaat bhram! ya phir kuchh aur! sochna hoga! vichaar karna hoga!

( i guess urdu is allowed!)

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Rohan said...

i totally agree with u. i think not many ppl of our country take enough pride in speaking in hindi. even though hindi does not have the national language status, i think its important for the ppl of a country to share a common language for the spirit of nationality and oneness. and as hindi is the official language for over 10 states then why not hindi?
ofcourse thats not the point here...
soo how did the interview go??