Tuesday, October 10, 2006

After Papa

I edited my orkut introduction... to say the following..

Alyque Padamsee once said... 'death of a loved one changes you as a person'... i'm now in the process of seeing myself evolve... as i move on..

Papa passed away on sept 14/06.. and as mamma said.. 'bahot jaldi bada bana gaye mujhe'

But then.. life.. by its very nature.. goes on!
much as things change.. much as they have to be kept the same.. imbibing his lessons and learnings,

I continue to be Ankur

With nothing against anybody,

clumsiness personified, while at times a paranoid perfectionist.

The most lazy being I know
while being the best workaholic you could find.

Very careless and quite caring at the same time.

Seeing quite a lot but trying not to judge anything.

Claiming to be innocent,

With power, moving on beyond the past,

and I know I am the future.

Ok.. I have an attitude that ppl sometimes don't like.. but think, 'If everyone likes you, you're boring!' so i just let them be!
More seriously.. what i think of 'me' is more important to me than what others think of me.

Keep the impermanence of life in mind guys... it's a strong influence... moralizes at times.. strengthens at times.. asks you to take greater charge.. and lets you to let go at times..

at the end of the your days..

Life shall not be measured By The Number Of Breaths U Take..But-By The Moments That took..Ur Breath Away..