Thursday, July 27, 2006

What about the other little 'Princes'?

Anyone who is even slightly connected with the world, via any channels of communication would know of the heroic rescue of six year old 'Prince' from a pit. An episode which made thousands of people stick to their TV screens.. and praying to their respective gods!
The PMO issued a statement.. regarding the PM's blessings to 'prince'
Sonia Gandhi blessed him.
Wishes and prayers flowed from across the world.. (thanks to the outreach of media.. via TV and internet)
TV channels found a full time TRP gainer in this prince..
Zee news, in a sudden spur of philanthrophy, declared that they'd sponsor his entire education
some Sobha foundation chose its moment to rise to fame.. gave the child one lakh rupees
and lots of other things ensued!
I have nothing against this prince.. myself prayed for his safety.. but thinking of all the other 'princes' who miss out on this attention from the media.. or from anyone else.. i guess they would all be praying that they fall into a well.. coz otherwise.. their deaths.. due to malaria.... dengue.. malnutrition.. starvation have become too commonplace to draw any media attention or to win them as much as a two time meal.. let alone a life time scholarship!
Who do we expect.. will bring a change?
The Media.. by bringing more serious issues to light.. and growing beyond sensationalism?
The PM... leave him.. he's too busy listening to the thousand people he needs to obey!
Sonia Gandhi.. ? as if she doesn't know all of this already..
The kind donors.. asking them to consider donating to larger causes as well?
I hope all of those ghar ke chiraag.. jo bachpan mein hi bujh jaate hain... will find their own ways to draw attention.. and become saleable to the world.. and boost TRPs.. so they'll be on prime time national television.. and finally get their due!

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